Global Energy Projects is a mining company with operations in Balikesir/Gonen, Kayseri/Develi, Adana/Feke and Mugla/Fethiye, primarily producing Zinc, Lead, Silver, Chromium and Coal.

Our company’s mining activities are focused on working with the latest techniques and technologies, using the existing resources in the most efficient way. Coal, zinc and lead are extracted throughout the country with maximum efficiency and sustainability. Our team of project managers are all competent, mine managers who can maintain roles of statutory responsibility, on a permanent or interim basis. In addition to the extraction activities in our existing licensed fields, our company is also dedicated to research and development studies carried out in potential fields.

Balıkesir / Gönen

Our Balikesir / Gonen open pit facility has a capacity of 25 million tons of lignite coal with a monthly production of 100,000 tons. The extracted material is used by thermal power plants in various regions of Turkey.

Name: Balıkesir / Gönen

Type: Open Pit Coal Mine

Ownership: Leased

Kayseri / Develi

Our company successfully carries out both production activities and R & D activities on a 1000 hectare licensed area. Our facility has a production capacity of 10.000 tons of lead, zinc and silver ore per month. We are currently in the process of increasing the production capacity to 20,000 tons per month.

Name: Kayseri

Type: Zinc & Lead Underground Mine

Ownership: 80% Stakeholder

Adana / Feke

Our Feke mine is unique in its topography and presents significant challenges to mining endeavours. Our company successfully carries out both production activities and R & D activities on a 500 hectare licensed area. Through innovative aproaches and state-of-art technology, we are producing 7,000 tons of oxide and sulfur zinc ores monthly, with the aims of expanding our operations to extract 20,000 tons of reserves monthly.

Name: Adana Feke

Type: Underground Mine

Ownership: Wholly-owned

Sivas / Divriği

We are exploring all potential production capabilities of this newly acquired mine. Currently our operation is limited to research and development.

Name: Sivas Divriği

Type: Open Pit Nickel Mine

Ownership: Wholly-owned

Mugla / Fethiye

Fethiye region is well-known for its chrome ore bed. The reserves are known for their high grade deposits with low silica content. We are currently carrying out both R&D and production activity at this 1900 hectare facility. Our current chromium ore production capacity is 8,000 tons per month and is mainly exported to Europe. We are aiming to expand our operation to 20,000 tons per month.

Name: Mugla / Fethiye

Type: Underground Mine

Ownership: Leased